Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Snickerdoodles, Take 2

I didn't really like the way my snickerdoodles turned out the last time, so this time I used a different recipe. I followed Smitten Kitchen's recipe exactly, and the results were fantastic. Mine turned out fatter than hers (hers appear more flattened) but I like my puffy ones. They are staying soft, chewy, and slightly cakey (basically the perfect snickerdoodle) for 4 days now. But I'm down to the last one so I won't be able to check Day 5. I wish the Snickerdoodle smell would stay in my kitchen forever.

Please refer to Smitten Kitchen for the great recipe! It's definitely a keeper.


Ben said...

wow look at how fat those guys are. those are not snickerdoodle cookies. those are snickerdoodle biscuits. maybe you can call them snonkerdoodles.

~Lisa~ said...

OMG, these snickerdoodles look so fluffy and delicious. I have not made these cookies yet. But after looking at yours, I WANT! Please send me a dozen (=